Our Core Values

Helsingborg Pride is an intersectional and norm critical festival arrangement promoting LGBTQ+-people’s rights and space in Helsingborg. This list contains core values that everyone active in Helsingborg Pride should know and follow, and it concerns all external operators that partake in the arrangement in any way, shape or form. The following four points are the pillars we rest upon.


Helsingborg Pride works against those structures that oppress and render LGBTQ+ people invisible. To fight can be to take room, to question restrictive norms, create forums for discussion and to put pressure on the people in power to put pressure on the people in power to improve LGBTQ+ people’s living conditions and strengthen our rights. It can also be to celebrate the activists who have paved the way for us in the fight for our rights, and highlight the activism taking place here and now, both locally and globally.


We want to create a Pride with content that is relevant to us in the LGBTQ+ community of Helsingborg. Through culture, knowledge and meetings, Helsingborg Pride wants to ask important questions, contribute to new insights, inspire and question restrictive norms while taking a stand to strengthen LGBTQ+ rights. We want to keep it simple, close and accessible. The events that are a part of Helsingborg Pride should be directed at LGBTQ+ identified people and contribute to making us visible.


Our vision is for Helsingborg Pride to be created communally by persons, organizations and other operators in Helsingborg. Helsingborg Pride is a part of a global movement where we use Pride celebrations in different ways to improve LGBTQ+ people’s situations and strengthen our rights. We encourage local operators to cooperate in creating Helsingborg Pride together with us by contributing with their own arrangements to broaden the festival’s program.


The LGBTQ+ community is multifaceted and houses many different voices. Our aspiration is to  pose a platform for different operators to take their own initiatives and make their voices heard. We Want to create arrangements where we can meet regardless of which town district we live in, what our economical situation looks like or which functioning set we have. All of our events are free and we strive to make them accessible. We encourage our cooperators to have a look at their premises’ accessibility so that they are possible for everyone to attend.

Who are Helsingborg Pride?

The organizing group of Helsingborg Pride comprises members of RFSL Helsingborg and AntidisKrimineringsbyrån Norra Skåne. The organizing group’s purpose is to coordinate the arrangement, which is built together with more volunteers, activists and passionate  people.

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