30 juni 15.00 – Södergatan 1

The streets belong to us! Together, we color them rainbow and show that we are here every day, all year, even though society’s norms, threats, and hate do everything to render us invisible. This is a manifestation for LGBTQ+ people’s rights locally and globally all year around.

Just like last year, we walk unified in a parade to promote LGBTQ+ rights, not any single organization. Therefore, it is not possible to register one’s own block in the parade and we ask everyone to leave their logos at home. The line is drawn at smaller logos in the shape of pins, which one of course is allowed to carry on one’s jacket, bag or shirt, but we ask you respect our wish of a unified parade where we voice our demands for change together.

As usual, Ung HBTQ/HBG, our LGBTQ+ youth hangout, will take the lead in the parade and show us the way forward. There will be several music sections and one can choose where one wants to walk. We encourage participants to make their own banderoles, signs, placards and to convey their positions. Of course, we welcome all supporters of our struggle to join the parade; allies, relatives, friends and parents!